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Diamonds are selected for there structural strength, number of points, degree of sharpness and lack of detrimental flaws. The proper selection of size and quality appropriate for a given application requires qualified judgement. Diamond is selected in accordance with quality and size. The question of using a very high or medium quality depends on the qualification of staff available and the machine and the working condition. Experience and knowledge are needed for proper selection.

After a lot of researches and studies Spectra Diamond Tools, have found a wide range of sophisticated methods of dressers, which guarantee the quality of the product and increase productivity. These dressers are versatile for a variety of application.

Spectra Diamond Tools have earned a name for superior quality, excellent performance, longer life and prompt after service.

In addition to the products given in the description, Spectra Diamond Tools can provide you with tools and wheels according to your requirement.

» Diamond Wheels

» Diamond Dressing Tools


  1. For Diamond quality - size and shape

  2. For operating condition -
    1. Wet or dry dressing
    2. Depth of cut
    3. Rate of traverse speed
    4. Peripheral speed of wheel
    5. Materials specification and finish
    6. Type of machine and conditions of working

Spectra Diamond Tools manufactures diamond dressers of various types such as single point and one way type, multi-point/cluster type, hexagonal disc type and co-linear type, particle type or grit impregnated type, multi-point indexable crown type, multi layer blade type, multi layer roller type.

» Diamond Cutting Tools

Diamond Cutting Tools are making in roads into newer areas, other than only for cutting and polishing of very hard materials. Diamond Tools provide the very high precision dimensional, superior surface finish and very fine shapes and sizes that are required in jewellery and watches.

These cutting tools profiles are available in sizes varying from 1mm. to 8mm., However any other specific sizes required by the customers can be custom-made.

Applications :

  1. Jewellery such as exclusive wedding rings, bangles, flexible bracelets and marquises besides medals and monograms, lipstick hulls, lighters, cufflinks, etc.
  2. In watches the diamond tools are used for turning watch cases, dials, etc.


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